t's that time of the year, where families come together,
festivities take a life of their own and shopping becomes a
hard chore: yes it's the start of the wedding season!
Here at Fabbitt, we are dedicated to providing you with
resources that will make your wedding preparations run impeccably.
That's why we have plenty of amazing designers to choose from and to
ensure that the journey to your special day is exciting,
enjoyable and catered for each budget.

We guarantee you will look and feel flawless throughout the festivities. Not only that, we've got our handy personal shoppers available 24/7 for your convenience, helping you choose the perfect outfit, accessories and makeup for any occasion. Fabbitt.com ensures that your shopping experience is as easy and hassle free as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Log onto www.fabbitt.com and let us change the way you shop forever. Happy shopping!

  • Alina Shahid, Fashion Features Editor.
  • Fashion business in Pakistan is blooming by the hour with the assistance of social media networks. Gone are the days when you would anticipate to get a press release passed by a magazine's Editor, today, in our modern digital society, a broadcast message on whatsapp does the trick. Similarly, it's now the number of followers, rather than your experience necessarily, that can secure you a top job. The speed of news, both good and bad, has changed the relationship between PR pros and the media, along with business and their customers. For most PR agencies, the three key platforms for publicising a fashion brand are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The motive is to get the word out there as quickly as possible and to set a trend, using just one hashtag. With the increasing trend of fashion blogs on social mediums like Instagram, consumers have shown their reliance on bloggers and their sites to pursue fashion interests. This ultimately makes bloggers the game-changers as they have the ability to create a brand's image or increase it's exposure to a larger audience at any given moment during the day.

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