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Misbah Cosmetics

In 2014, MM Cosmetics was formed when Masarrat Misbah saw a void in the beauty market and decided it was time for a trusted brand. Founded with a commitment to ‘Reinventing Beauty’ and personal grooming, MM Cosmetics will carve a niche for itself as an innovative purity based Halal Certified beauty brand. MM cosmetic stands upon a revolutionary turn point between science, beauty and pure values. The brand is acclaimed for its breakthrough formulations, technological innovations and unwavering commitment to reinvention. With Masarrat Misbah at helm of it all, each product is designed specifically for the Pakistani and Asian women with conscious details given to each ingredient so every shade in the range is not only beautiful but good for you. The products are designed and formulated with the most essential Halal ingredients that create unbelievably surreal looks and you have no guilt about what is going onto your delicate skin. Distinguished with sensual textures, modern color palettes, fun and sleek packaging—MMCosmetics is paving the way for new, innovation driven, purity based, for the ‘women of today’cosmetics.