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Arjumand Bano

Brought to you straight from the musings of a fashion-inspired drama queen extraordinaire, Opera House gives style a brand new twist-and-a-half. Say goodbye to countless hours spent rummaging away for that perfect look because Opera House is here to take care of your fashion needs. Opera House is the embodiment of passion and sheer talent brought to life by an obsession for fusion and fashion. It is known that the theatre consists of two, the spectators’ and the actors. These clothes are the actors and you are the spectator. Tied together in a design philosophy that leaves no stone unturned between present-day fashion needs and a love for sub-continental design and vernacular, the collection on display from Opera House speaks for itself. Carefully embellished elements of South Asian design cascade through delicate fabrics to represent creations that are visually appealing whether it’s a casual soiree that you have planned for the evening or a night out in the town. Even to the untrained eye, the collection is a representation of deep cultural love fused with smart prêt wear, falling purposefully modestly short of gaudy grandeur. What makes it even better is that its right here, accessible and affordable for everyone. As Arjumand puts it, “fashion doesn’t have a price, it’s for all”.

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